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10 Benefits Of Watermelon Sexually For Both Men And Women

Watermelon has long been associated with summer, juicy sweetness, and refreshing hydration. But this vibrant fruit may also offer surprising sexual perks.

Beyond its thirst-quenching abilities, watermelon contains an impressive array of nutrients that can potentially enhance libido, performance, and satisfaction between the sheets.

Let’s explore 10 science-backed ways watermelon can boost sexual health for both men and women:

1. Packed With Libido-Enhancing Antioxidants

Watermelon flesh bursts with antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A, and lycopene. These compounds neutralize harmful free radicals to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

By combating these issues, antioxidants can curb erectile dysfunction and ignite stalled sex drives. Lycopene specifically dilates blood vessels for better arousal.

So for those seeking natural libido lifts, watermelon makes for juicy foreplay.

2. Improves Blood Flow Below The Belt

Efficient blood flow is critical for sexual response in both genders. The phytonutrients in watermelon enhance circulation to trigger lusty sensations.

Citrulline, an amino acid abundant in the rind and flesh, gets converted into arginine in the body. This boosts nitric oxide levels which relax blood vessels – sending blood rushing below the belt.

3. Mitigates Erectile Dysfunction

For many men, erectile dysfunction poses an increasingly common hindrance to satisfying sex.

The citrulline and lycopene in watermelon bolster erections by relaxing the smooth muscles around the penis. This enables engorged, longer-lasting erections when arousal strikes.

So munching watermelon can help mitigate erectile issues, naturally and deliciously.

4. Heightens Arousal In Women

While watermelon won’t directly impact the physical arousal process in women, its circulatory perks can still heighten sexual excitement.

Enhanced blood flow to the genitals creates sensitivity and swells receptive tissues. This intensifies tactile sensations for making foreplay more orgasmic.

5. May Increase Sex Hormones

Hormones largely influence libido and sexual functioning. Watermelon may give levels a healthy lift.

The citrulline found in the flesh and rind stimulates arginine production. This can increase nitric oxide and growth hormone levels – both crucial for sexual vigor.

Research also indicates the phytoestrogens in watermelon may mildly mimic estrogen’s effects for enhanced arousal.

6. Reduces Inflammation Of Sexual Organs

Uncomfortable inflammation of reproductive organs like the prostate gland or vagina can certainly dampen sexual spirits.

Watermelon’s stellar mix of antioxidants helps tame this inflammation for painless arousal. Lycopene specifically protects the prostate.

So chomping watermelon can promote optimal functioning and comfort below the belt.

7. Strengthens Core Muscles For Better Sex

While it might not seem directly related to sex, having stronger core muscles can actually translate to better bedroom performance.

Watermelon’s amino acids citrulline and arginine stimulate muscle protein production for stronger abs and pelvic muscles. This improves stamina for more satisfying sex.

As a bonus, strong cores also enable more adventurous sex positions.

8. Boosts Stamina For Prolonged Endurance

Running out of steam too soon during sex can be frustrating. The antioxidants and amino acids in watermelon work together to enhance stamina.

Lycopene and vitamin C fight energy-draining inflammation while citrulline provides an energy kick. This powers up physical endurance for lasting prowess between the sheets.

9. Replenishes Electrolytes Lost During Sex

Sex can be rigorous physical activity that burns calories and results in sweaty bodies. Watermelon is nature’s sports drink.

It replenishes electrolytes like potassium and magnesium lost through perspiration. This rehydrates the body for optimal energy levels post-romp.

So keep watermelon on the bedside table to restore spent muscles and fluids.

10. Contains Collagen-Boosting Vitamin C

Oral sex is certainly pleasurable, but the friction can irritate lips, tongues and mouth tissues.

The vitamin C in watermelon aids collagen production for fast repair of minor skin and tissue damage. This keeps lips kissable and the mouth primed for action.

The Takeaway

Beyond its sweet, thirst-quenching pulp, watermelon provides an impressive range of nutrients that can optimize sexual health for men and women.

From better blood flow and circulation to enhanced energy and stamina, watermelon empowers the body for pleasurable performance. And it tastes far better than any medicinal pill.

So for those seeking natural ways to boost their bedroom game, look no further than this vibrant, sensual superfruit. Watermelon nourishes libido, function and vigor from the inside out.

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