50+ Funny Jokes About Fruit That Would Make Your Day

Fruits are like a sweet gift from nature. You can find them in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Think of a simple apple or an interesting dragon fruit — every fruit is special. But fruits aren’t just tasty; they can make us laugh, too! Their odd shapes, colors, and names can turn into super funny jokes. These jokes are just perfect to make anyone chuckle.

We’ve put together more than 50 hilarious fruit jokes to add some sunshine to your day. If you love good puns, quick one-liners, or just goofy jokes, you’re in for a treat! There’s a funny fruit joke here just for you.

What Makes Fruit So Funny?

There are lots of reasons why fruit jokes can be such a hoot. Their different shapes and colors make them stick out. Some fruits look like they’ve got hats on, and others remind us of animals or different objects. They also have names that can sound really funny when you say them wrong or think about them in a funny way.

Besides, fruits are just full of fun vibes. They remind us of cheerful times like picnics, making smoothies, or tossing up a fruit salad. Fruits generally make us think of health and happiness, so they’re just right for some good-natured jokes. All in all, fruits are just the perfect mix for creating laughter.

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes About Popular Fruits

The Stellar Starfruit

  • Why did the starfruit try to move to Hollywood? It wanted to live up to its name and be a star.
  • What can you say to a starfruit to make it giggle? A joke that’s out of this galaxy!
  • When one starfruit met another, what did it say? “Isn’t it awesome being out of this world?”
  • Why was the starfruit getting a talking-to from the teacher? It was being a little too starry-eyed.
  • Can you tell when a starfruit is in a good mood? Yes, it looks like it’s reaching for the stars!
  • What made the starfruit the winner of the talent competition? Its unmistakable star power.
  • Want to make a starfruit feel like it’s the best? Cast it in the leading role in your fruit salad.
  • What do you call a starfruit with a fancy degree? A superstar in academics.

The Passionate Passion Fruit

  • Why did the passion fruit break up with the grapefruit? It was just too intense and passionate.
  • What excuse did the passion fruit give when caught taking something that wasn’t its? “I was just swept away by my passions!”
  • How can you tell if a passion fruit is really ready to eat? It starts acting all romantic and passionate!
  • Why did the passion fruit make an appointment with the doctor? It felt an overflow of passion.
  • How do you get a passion fruit to turn red? Compliment how full of zeal it is.
  • Why did the passion fruit decide to stay single? It was scared of losing that fiery passion.
  • What’s the best way to calm down a passion fruit? By giving it a relaxing, passionate massage.
  • Caught in gridlock, what did the passion fruit say? “I’m too full of passion to just sit here!”
  • Why would a passion fruit spend time working out? To keep its passion for life in great shape.

The Classic Apples

  • Why did the apple think about visiting a doctor? Because it started feeling rotten to its very center.
  • How do you make an apple puff up? Run after it around the apple trees.
  • What made the apple decide to end its relationship with the orange? It just couldn’t get over its a-peel.

The Comical Bananas

  • Why did the banana consider seeing a doctor? It wasn’t feeling very well.
  • Why did the banana agree to go out with a prune? Because a date wasn’t available.
  • What’s yellow and points to the north? A magnetic banana.

The Zesty Oranges

  • Why did the orange just stop in the middle of the street? It ran out of juice!
  • When one orange saw another, what did it say? Well, nothing because oranges can’t actually talk!
  • What made the orange make an appointment with the doctor? It was feeling peel-y and not-so-well.

The Grinning Grapes

  • After being stepped on, what did the grape say? Not much, but it let out a bit of a whine.
  • Why did the grape just pause on the road? It was out of juice!
  • What’s the name for a troublesome grape? A reason to sound the alarm!

Prickly Pineapples

  • Why did the pineapple consider a visit to the doctor? It was feeling extra prickly.
  • What’s the secret to making a pineapple turnover? You push it down a slope!
  • What did the grape say when it caught a glimpse of a pineapple? Nothing, remember, grapes don’t have the power of speech!

Sassy Lemons

  • Why was the lemon thinking about a doctor’s visit? Because it had sour feelings.
  • How do you turn a lemon into a shivery treat? Stick it in the freezer.
  • What do you name a lemon that just isn’t real? A phony pucker.

Sweet Peaches

  • Why did the peach arrange a date with the pear? Because it wasn’t able to find real dates!
  • How do you make a peach into a tasty float? Just pop it in a glass of bubbly soda.
  • When two peaches were together, what did one say? Actually, they kept quiet because they are stone fruits!

Juicy Watermelons

  • What was the reason the watermelon and the honeydew ended things?
    • The watermelon was tired of being in the middle of drama.
    • To make a watermelon happy, let it soak up some sunshine.
    • If a watermelon and a porcupine were mixed, it would be a spiky fruit.


    • The strawberry hung out with the raspberry because it found its sweetness irresistible.
    • To give a strawberry a whirl, put it into a washing machine.
    • When one strawberry met another, they couldn’t talk – they were too busy making music together.


    • The kiwi went to see a doctor due to feeling a bit off.
    • Mixing a kiwi with ice cream and soda makes a delightful float.
    • When a kiwi isn’t good anymore, it’s just a spoiled little thing.

    Dragon Fruit

    • The dragon fruit crossed the street to reach the other side.
    • A dragon fruit that’s not happy is known as a grumpy fruit.
    • You’ll know a dragon fruit is perfect to eat when it seems it’s pulling you to take a bite.


    • The durian needed a doctor because it was feeling painful.
    • You can tell a durian is good to eat when it has a strong smell, kind of like feet.
    • The durian told the other fruits not to get caught like a deer in headlights.


    • The mangosteen split from the lychee because it had enough of its antics.
    • To get a mangosteen to laugh, just gently tickle it.
    • One mangosteen shared warm feelings with another by saying “I mangosteen you.”


    • The rambutan got checked by a doctor because it was throwing a fit.
    • A rambutan can show you its moves if you play some lively music.
    • A group of rambutans is just a bunch of wild and hairy fruits.

    Wrapping Up

    Fruit can be a lot of fun, especially when you tell jokes about them. There are many jokes out there about all sorts of fruits, from everyday ones like grapes to the more unusual, like durian. These jokes are great for making people laugh or for breaking the ice when meeting someone new.

    Remember, these fruit jokes are meant to be lighthearted and playful. They’re a fun way to celebrate the different kinds of fruit we have around.

    We hope you got a good chuckle out of these jokes and that they added some joy to your day. If you have your own fruit jokes that you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments for others to enjoy.

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