How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Fruit Trees [13 Sure Ways]

People who grow fruit trees love them for the tasty fruit they provide. However, squirrels also love this fruit and will climb trees to get a bite of the juicy flavors.

If you’re a gardener, you might feel upset when squirrels eat the fruit you’ve worked hard to grow. The good news is, there’s hope! We’re going to talk about ways you can keep squirrels from getting to your fruit trees, so you can enjoy your own fruit when it’s ready to pick.

Know Your Squirrel

Squirrels can climb really well and their sense of smell and taste is awesome. They are drawn to the smell of fruit when it’s ripe and will try again and again to reach it. But if you understand how they behave, you can outsmart them!

What Can I Do to Keep Squirrels Off My Fruit Trees?

There are a bunch of things you can do, like building fences, putting up nets, using things that taste or smell bad to them, and even trying to scare them off. Cutting branches so they can’t climb and picking fruit early can also work. You can grow plants that squirrels don’t like, avoid anything that might hurt the squirrels, and if you can’t handle it yourself, you can always call a pro.

1. Building a Fence

Making a strong fence at least six feet high that goes a bit into the ground can stop squirrels from getting to your fruit tree. An electric fence can also work because it gives them a little shock if they try to climb it.

2. Putting Up a Net

Putting a net around the whole tree, even the branches, and tying it to the trunk can keep squirrels out. Make sure the net is snug so the squirrels can’t sneak in underneath.

3. Using Repellents

Repellents can either make the fruit taste bad for the squirrels or smell bad to them. You can find different kinds, like sprays, powders, or little bits. Just put them on the tree or fruit like the instructions say.

4. Setting Traps

Traps can catch the squirrels, but you have to be careful. Live traps are nice because you can catch and then let the squirrel go far away from your home. But you have to check them a lot, so the squirrel isn’t stuck for too long. Professional people should only use traps that can hurt the squirrel.

5. Scaring Them

Squirrels can be scared away by fake owls, snakes, or other things that look like predators. It makes the squirrels think a predator lives there and they stay away.

6. Growing Plants Squirrels Don’t Like

Some plants like daffodils, alliums, and hyacinths give off smells that squirrels don’t like. Planting them by your fruit trees can make the squirrels stay away.

7. Cutting Off Branches

If you cut off the lower branches of your fruit tree, it’s harder for squirrels to climb up and get to the fruit.

8. Picking Fruit Sooner

If you see your fruit getting ripe, pick it quickly. That way, squirrels won’t get a chance to taste it and keep coming back for more.

9. Keeping Things Clean

Clean up any fallen fruit or other stuff around your tree because it can attract squirrels. When everything’s neat and tidy, squirrels might find it less interesting.

10. Bringing in Natural Hunters

Animals like hawks, owls, and snakes are natural enemies to squirrels. By putting up homes for these animals or giving them food, you invite them to stay around your property and they might help keep the squirrel population in check.

11. Trying Homemade Mixtures

You can make your own squirrel repellents at home with things like hot pepper, vinegar, or garlic. Spread it on your tree or fruit to make it unappealing to the squirrels.

12. Using Store-bought Solutions

There are lots of products you can buy, like gadgets that make noise squirrels don’t like, sprinklers that turn on when they sense motion, or special sprays made to keep squirrels away. These can work well if you use them right.

13. Getting Help from Experts

If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, you might want to call in someone who knows a lot about pests. They can give you good advice and help you out.

A Final Thought

Squirrels can be a real problem for people who want to pick clean fruit from their trees. Luckily, you’re not out of options. You can try out these 13 ideas, like fences, nets, bad tastes and smells, making them scared, and lots of other plans. With these tricks up your sleeve, your fruit trees should be safe, and you can look forward to a great harvest.

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