20 Popular Varieties Of Strawberries – And Which To Choose

Strawberries are one of the most beloved fruits around the world. Their sweet, juicy flavor makes them an incredibly versatile ingredient. From jams to desserts, smoothies to salads, strawberries lend their vibrant red hue and delicious taste to all kinds of recipes.

With over 600 varieties, strawberries come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and textures. Some varieties are ideal for eating fresh or freezing, while others hold up better for cooking and baking. Certain types yield large, robust berries perfect for slicing, while others produce tiny, intensely sweet gems that burst in your mouth.

When selecting strawberry varieties, it’s important to consider your climate zone, space constraints, and how you plan to use the fruit. To help narrow down the options, here’s an overview of 20 of the most popular strawberry varieties to consider planting in your garden or containers.

1. Earliglow

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Earliglow is one of the most widely grown early season June-bearing strawberries. The conically shaped berries have a glossy red exterior with a soft, sweet flavor. While the berries are small to medium-sized, the plants yield a high quantity of fruit. Earliglow performs well in colder climates.

2. Jewel

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

This June-bearing strawberry variety produces large, firm, flavorful berries. The bright red exterior has an evenly shaped conic form. The bountiful harvestripens early-to-mid season. Jewel is an excellent choice for eating fresh, freezing, and preserves. The disease resistant plants produce high yields in various climate zones.

3. Kent

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Kent is a June-bearing strawberry bred for flavor and shelf life. The large, roundish berries have a deep red interior and rich, sweet flavor. The meaty texture holds up well for slicing and freezing. Kent strawberries perform best in zones 5-9. The sturdy plants produce heavy yields.

4. Seascape

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

This versatile day-neutral strawberry variety thrives in hanging baskets and containers. The plants yield sweet, fruity-flavored conical berries throughout the summer. Seascape is suitable for gardens in zones 4-8. The compact, vigorous plants are great for small spaces.

5. Evie 2

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Evie 2 is a high yielding June-bearing strawberry variety ideal for warm winter climates like California. The large, firm, wedge-shaped berries have a sweet, aromatic flavor. Evie 2 ripens in early spring with a smaller late summer/fall crop. The disease resistant plants produce abundant harvests.

6. Chandler

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Chandler is a June-bearing strawberry bred for superior flavor. The berries have a conical to round shape with deep red skin and juicy flesh. Chandler ripens early in the season. The aromatic berries are delicious for fresh eating and freezing. It’s an all-purpose variety that grows well in zones 5-9.

7. Sweet Charlie

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Known for its exceptional sweetness, Sweet Charlie is a day-neutral strawberry. The berries ripen spring through fall, extending the harvest season. Small to medium-sized fruits have great flavor for eating fresh or cooking. Vigorous plants thrive in hanging baskets and containers.

8. Camarosa

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Camarosa is a leading commercial strawberry prized for productivity and shelf life. Extra large berries yield very high amounts of fruit from compact plants. The bright red exterior and firm flesh make Camarosa ideal for shipping. It has a mild, sweet flavor. The variety performs well in warm climates like California.

9. Albion

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

This day-neutral strawberry produces high yields of large, firm, wedge-shaped fruit. Albion has excellent flavor balanced between sweetness and acidity. The vigorous plants fruit continuously spring through fall. It’s an widely adaptable variety suitable for warm and cool climates, gardens and containers.

10. Allstar

Popular Varieties Of Strawberries, FruitoNix

Allstar is a June-bearing strawberry that produces an early, concentrated harvest. The conically-shaped berries have a bold red color and robust strawberry flavor. Allstar thrives in zones 3-7. The winter hardy plants yield large amounts of medium to large sized fruit.

11. Quinault

Quinault is an everbearing strawberry prized for preserving. The soft, aromatic berries have a sweet, mild flavor. Fruit ripens in small flushes spring through fall. Quinault grows well in hanging baskets and containers. The compact plants thrive in cool, moist climates like the Pacific Northwest.

12. Ozark Beauty

Ozark Beauty is a June-bearing strawberry that delivers big yields of large, showy fruit. The glossy, deep red skin has a mild, sweet flavor. Ozark Beauty thrives in hot, humid climates of zones 5-9. Heat and disease resistance makes this variety suitable for Southern gardens.

13. Fort Laramie

If you want to grow strawberries in cold climates, Fort Laramie is an excellent choice. This June-bearing variety produces large, firm, flavorful fruit. Fort Laramie is extremely winter hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -40°F [-40°C]. Ideal for short-season gardens in zones 3-7.

14. Berries Galore

Also sold as Bountiful, Berries Galore is a compact June-bearing strawberry. The petite plants yield lots of small to medium-sized conical berries with superb sweet flavor. Berries Galore thrives in containers and hanging baskets, producing fruit throughout the summer months.

15. Sparkle

Sparkle is a June-bearing strawberry valued for its beautiful berries and impressive yields. Medium to large fruits have a glossy red exterior and sweet, juicy flesh. The aromatic flavor is balanced and mild. Sparkle grows well in zones 4-8. This variety ships well, making it popular commercially.

16. Armada

Armada is a day-neutral variety that produces fresh strawberries from summer through late fall. The large, firm berries have a conical shape with excellent sweet flavor. Armada is ideal for hanging baskets, containers, and small space gardens. The vigorous, compact plants resist disease.

17. Fern

Fern is an exceptionally sweet, aromatic June-bearing strawberry. The large, wedge-shaped berries have a deep red interior and robust strawberry flavor. Fern yields heavy crops of fruit perfect for eating fresh. The vigorous, winter hardy plants thrive in zones 4-8.

18. San Andreas

San Andreas is a flavorful day-neutral strawberry that bears fruit spring through fall. The large, uniformly shaped berries have firm texture and juicy flesh. San Andreas plants are highly productive in mild coastal climates. The compact habit makes it suitable for containers and hanging baskets.

19. L’Amour

L’Amour is a French heirloom June-bearing strawberry prized for its exquisite honey-like flavor. The pale red medium berries are incredibly aromatic and sweet. L’Amour is suitable for gardens in zones 5-9. The delicate fruits are best consumed fresh and don’t store or ship well.

20. Honeoye

Honeoye strawberries are a type of June-bearing strawberry that produce large, sweet fruits. These conical-shaped berries have a deep red color and a robust flavor, making them perfect for both fresh eating and preserving.

Honeoye strawberries thrive in zones 4-8 and produce heavy crops of juicy, flavorful fruit during the summer months. These plants are also known for being winter hardy and resistant to diseases, making them an excellent choice for home gardens. With Honeoye strawberries, you can enjoy bountiful harvests of large and delicious berries.

Which Strawberry Variety Should You Choose?

With so many tempting options, deciding which strawberries to grow can be a delicious dilemma. Keep these tips in mind when selecting varieties for your garden:

  • Consider your climate – Match varieties to your region’s weather and season length. Some thrive in cool conditions while others need heat.
  • Know your space – Compact varieties in containers give flexibility. June-bearers work well in garden beds.
  • Plan your use – Pick types that hold up to your plans – eating fresh, freezing, preserves, etc.
  • Stagger for length – Plant both June-bearing and day-neutral types to extend the harvest.
  • Try new flavors – Sample different varieties to find your personal favorites.
  • Go with reliable producers – Opt for vigorous varieties that yield abundant fruit.

With hundreds of tempting strawberries to choose from, it’s fun to try new types every season. By selecting varieties suited to your growing conditions and usage, you’ll enjoy a bountiful harvest of beautiful, juicy berries all season long.

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