Do Blackberries Like Acidic Soil? All You Need to Know

Blackberries are tasty fruits that we can grow in our own backyards or on farms. But to grow them right, we need to make sure they’re in the right type of soil, especially when it comes to how acidic the soil is. In this article, we’ll talk all about whether blackberries need acidic soil to thrive and how to make sure your blackberries are as healthy and fruitful as possible.

Why Soil pH Matters for Blackberry Bushes

The level of acidity or alkalinity in the soil, which is what pH measures, is really important for blackberry bushes. The pH level can change how well a plant can get the food it needs from the soil. If the pH of the soil isn’t just right, blackberries might not be able to take in the nutrients they need to grow well.

What’s the Perfect Soil pH for Blackberries?

Blackberries like their soil to be a little bit acidic. The best pH for these plants is between 5.5 and 6.5. If the soil is too acid or not acid enough, the plants may not grow as they should, their leaves might turn yellow, and they might not give a lot of fruit.

How to Check Your Soil’s pH

It’s really simple to test the pH of your soil at home. You can get a soil pH testing kit at a garden store or online. When you want to test your soil, just follow the kit’s instructions and take a few soil samples from different spots where you plan to plant your blackberries.

Fixing the pH of Your Soil for Blackberries

If you find that the pH of your soil isn’t in the sweet spot for blackberries, don’t worry—there are things you can do to fix it.

1. Making Soil Less Acidic with Lime

Adding lime is a good way to make soil that’s too acidic more balanced. Lime is made of calcium carbonate, and it works by neutralizing the acid in the soil. If you decide to add lime, make sure you follow what the package says about how much to use.

2. Making Soil More Acidic with Sulfur

If your soil is not acidic enough, then you can add sulfur to it. Sulfur turns into sulfuric acid when it gets wet, which can bring down the pH of your soil. Just like with lime, make sure to use the right amount of sulfur by checking the package instructions.

More Tips for Happier Blackberry Bushes

Besides the right soil pH, there are other things to keep in mind for growing great blackberries.

1. Giving Blackberry Bushes Enough Water

Blackberry bushes need plenty of water, particularly when it’s very hot and dry.

2. Feeding Blackberry Bushes with Fertilizer

Feeding your blackberries with fertilizer helps them grow strong and make lots of berries. Use a good fertilizer two times a year—once early in the spring and again in the early summer. Be sure to follow what the fertilizer package says.

3. Trimming Blackberry Bushes Properly

Trimming your blackberries is necessary. It helps the plants grow better and make more fruit. Get rid of old branches and thin out the new ones every year, so there’s room for the parts of the plant that will give you berries.

4. Keeping an Eye Out for Blackberry Problems

Blackberries can be bothered by bugs like cane borers and spider mites, and diseases like cane blight. Keep your plants clean, trim them regularly, and manage any pests you see to keep your blackberries healthy.


To wrap it up, blackberries do best when the soil is a bit acidic, with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Check and adjust your soil’s pH if you need to, and don’t forget to water, fertilize, and trim your blackberry plants. Taking care of these things will help your blackberries grow well and give you lots of delicious fruit.

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