How To Keep Bugs Off Fruit Trees: 100% Working Tips

Having fruit trees in your yard is fantastic because they give you fresh fruit that tastes great. But when bugs show up, they can harm the fruit and the tree. We have 15 smart ways to stop bugs from attacking your fruit trees.

1. Keep Your Trees Strong

Strong trees fight off bugs better. Make sure they’re in dirt that drains water well and get enough sun and water. Use good, balanced food to help them grow.

2. Cut Your Trees Often

Cutting your trees makes them look nice, helps them grow, and gets rid of old or sick branches. It also lets air move better, which can stop bugs from coming.

3. Take Away Bad Fruit

Take off any fruit that looks sick or has bug bites, and throw it away the right way. This stops bugs from being drawn to your trees.

4. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps catch bugs before they can harm your trees. Put them around the bottoms of the trees or hang them from branches.

5. Spray Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural bug spray. When you spray it on your trees, it keeps bugs away. It also stops diseases because it fights fungus.

6. Use Soap For Bugs

Soap for bugs is safe and works well to control lots of different bugs on fruit trees. It’s like a blanket that keeps bugs from breathing.

7. Use Dormant Oil

When the tree is sleeping in the winter or early spring, you can spray it with dormant oil. It kills sleeping bugs and their eggs before they can start trouble.

8. Bring In Good Bugs

Some bugs, like ladybugs and lacewings, eat the bad bugs on your trees. You can get these good bugs to come by planting flowers they like, such as marigolds and yarrow.

9. Build Barriers

Things like covers and nets can block bugs from getting to your fruit trees. They’re really good for keeping birds and squirrels away too.

10. Plant Friends For Your Trees

Some plants keep bugs away when you grow them next to your trees. For example, if you plant marigolds or chives around your trees, bugs are less likely to come close.

11. Spray Garlic Water

Garlic water is another natural bug spray. Make it by soaking chopped garlic in water, then strain it and add a little dish soap. Spray your trees with it when you need to.

12. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is natural powder you can put on your trees. It cuts bugs and dries them out.

13. Spray Hot Pepper

Hot pepper spray is a spicy water you can make with hot peppers and dish soap. Bugs don’t like how it smells, so they stay away from trees that are sprayed with it.

Make sure you spray the whole tree, from top to bottom. You’ll have to spray again every few days or after it rains. Remember, it’s safe for the trees and for us, but it can sting your eyes and skin. Wear gloves and glasses when you use it, and keep kids and animals away until it dries.

14. Spray Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay spray is a natural powder that you mix with water and spray on the tree. It dries and makes a white layer that bugs don’t like. It’s great for stopping flies and moths from landing on the fruit.

15. Bag Your Fruit

Bagging the fruit means putting each piece in a protective bag. This keeps the bugs and pests away. Use special mesh or paper bags for this. It works really well, especially when the fruit is nearly ready to eat because that’s when bugs like them the most.

Make sure the bags are on tight so there are no holes for pests to sneak in. It takes some extra effort but is a great way to make sure bugs don’t ruin your fruit.


It can be hard to keep bugs away from fruit trees, but these 15 ideas can help your trees stay bug-free. You have lots of choices, from natural sprays to setting up traps and cutting branches. Using these tips can help your fruit trees stay healthy and full of fruit without bugs.

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