How to Keep Rats Away from Fruit Trees: 100% Working Tips

Having fruit trees in your backyard is awesome because you get tasty, fresh fruit to eat. But, sometimes, rats might come to your trees, and that’s not good. Rats can chew on your trees and spread germs. We’ve got some surefire tricks to help you keep rats away from your fruit trees.

We’ll show you some really good ways to make sure rats don’t mess with your fruit trees. Let’s get started!

1. Pick Up Dropped Fruit

Rats love eating fruit that’s on the ground, so you should pick it up often. Throw the fruit away in something strong that rats can’t chew through, because they can get through plastic bags and even garbage cans.

2. Put Metal Barriers Around the Trees

Putting metal barriers around your tree trunks can stop rats from climbing up to the fruit. You should put these barriers up high, like 2 feet from the ground, so rats can’t hop over them.

3. Cover Trees with Netting for Birds

Netting for birds isn’t just for keeping birds away, it can also stop rats. You cover the tree with the net, and rats can’t get to the fruit. Remember to wrap the net tight at the bottom, so rats can’t sneak in.

4. Tidy Up Your Yard

Cleaning up isn’t just about picking up fruit. Rats like places that are messy with stuff like leaves or wood, so you should clean those up. Keep your garbage sealed tight and don’t leave food for your pets outside at night.

5. Set Up Traps

If there are a lot of rats, traps can help. There are different kinds like snap traps, sticky traps, and traps that catch rats alive. Put these traps where you see rats the most, like by the trees or along your fence.

6. Use Sprinklers That Turn On with Motion

Sprinklers that start spraying when they sense movement can scare away rats. They’re kind to animals and do a good job keeping your fruit trees safe.

7. Try Natural Smells to Keep Rats Away

You can also try natural stuff to keep rats away. Use things like peppermint oil, hot peppers, or garlic. Just put these around your tree’s base, or you can mix them with water and spray it on the tree’s trunk and branches.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! These tips should help you stop rats from bothering your fruit trees. Remember to tidy up, use metal barriers and netting, keep your whole yard clean, use traps and motion-sensing sprinklers, and try natural ways to keep rats away. Follow these steps to keep your trees safe, and enjoy the fruit you grow!

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