What Is the Difference Between Durian and Jackfruit?  (With Photos)

Are you curious about unusual fruits or like to try different tastes? You might have seen durian and jackfruit, two big and strange-looking fruits. People have enjoyed their unique flavors for many years.

Durian and jackfruit are two surprising fruits with spiky skins and strong smells that can be mixed up easily. But if you look closely, they have different looks, feels, flavors, where they come from, and what is inside of them.

What Is the Difference Between Durian and Jackfruit, FruitoNix
A Jackfruit
What Is the Difference Between Durian and Jackfruit, FruitoNix
A Durian

The Strong Smell of Durian vs. The Sweet Scent of Jackfruit

Durian is famous for its strong smell. Some people say it smells like old onions or sweaty socks because of the sulfur inside it. Jackfruit’s smell is nicer and sweeter, like bananas or pineapples. It doesn’t have sulfur, so it does not smell that strong.

How Durian and Jackfruit Look Different

Both fruits are big and oblong, but you can tell them apart. Durian has a tough skin with sharp spines that protect its insides. Jackfruit’s skin isn’t scary and has small, soft bumps.

Open them up, and you’ll see more differences. Durian has cream-colored pods that feel like thick custard, while jackfruit’s insides are a bright yellow with a texture like pineapple.

To sum it up: durian has spiky skin and creamy insides, and jackfruit has bumpy skin with fibrous, colored flesh.

Where Do Durian and Jackfruit Come From?

Durian and jackfruit both grow in hot places. Durian is from places like Malaysia and Indonesia, and jackfruit comes from India.

These days, you’ll find durian mostly in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia—they love it so much they call it the “King of Fruits!” Jackfruit grows in South Asia, some countries in South America, and even in Africa. There’s more jackfruit around the world than durian.

Growing and Picking the Fruits

Durian trees need just the right weather and soil, and they take a long time—up to 10 years—to start making fruits. When the fruit is ripe, people pick it carefully by hand.

Jackfruit trees aren’t so picky. They can handle different weather better and give fruit more often, which makes jackfruit easier to find and buy than durian.

Opening and Eating Durian and Jackfruit

Getting these fruits ready to eat is not the same. Durian’s tough shell needs to be cracked open with a knife to get to the yummy parts inside. Jackfruit is simpler: peel the skin, and you can eat the pieces inside right away. You can also cut the flesh and cook it in different ways.

People usually eat durian raw because it has a very strong taste. Jackfruit is more subtle and can be used in many recipes, both sweet and savory. It’s even used instead of meat in some dishes.

Which Fruit Is More Nutritious?

Both durian and jackfruit have good things for your body, like potassium and vitamins. But jackfruit has more vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium. It’s also got more protein and fiber than durian.

What durian has more of is fat. It’s got 5 grams of fat in each serving, while jackfruit has almost none. If you’re looking for a nutritious snack, jackfruit has lots of vitamins and fiber. But if you want more fat in your fruit, go for durian.

Wrapping Up

Durian and jackfruit might look a bit alike, but they’re actually very different in the way they smell, look, taste, and how you can use them. Durian, with its creamy taste and smell, is often enjoyed by itself, while jackfruit’s milder flavor makes it great for a variety of dishes. Each has its own special health benefits and important place in cultures around the world. Both can be tasty choices, it just depends on what you like!

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