What Is The Longest Fruit Name Ever?

Fruits come in all shapes and sizes, with flavors ranging from sweet to tart. And just like the diversity found in their taste and appearance, fruits have an equally diverse range of names. From common apples to exotic mangosteens, fruit names can be short and simple or long and complicated. But what is the longest fruit name ever?

  1. The honor of the longest fruit name goes to the Bob Gordon American elderberry, clocking in at 29 characters including spaces. The Bob Gordon American elderberry is a cultivated variety of the American elderberry (Sambucus canadensis L.), which is a shrub native to North America.

While the Bob Gordon American elderberry takes the top spot for longest fruit name, there are several other contenders with lengthy names:

  1. Broadleaf bramble fruit comes in second place with 23 characters. This is a collective term for edible fruits produced by various species of bramble plants in the genus Rubus. Types of broadleaf bramble fruits include blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, and dewberries.
  2. Chocolate pudding fruit is tied for second at 23 characters long. This tropical fruit comes from the sapodilla tree, which has the scientific name Pouteria sapota. The chocolate pudding fruit is indigenous to Central America and gets its name from the sweet, custard-like texture of its brown flesh.
  3. Pourouma cecropiifolia has 22 characters, Commonly known as the Amazon grape is a remarkable tropical fruit native to the Amazon rainforests of South America. This unique fruit resembles a miniature grape cluster and grows on a small tree. Its flavor is a harmonious blend of tartness and sweetness, with a hint of tropical notes.
  4. Lagenaria siceraria, also known as calabash gourd, has 18 characters. This bottle-shaped gourd has its origins in Africa but is now grown in tropical regions around the world. The immature fruit has white flesh that can be eaten as a vegetable, while the mature hard-shelled gourds are used to make containers and musical instruments.
  5. Lastly, the Chinese gooseberry rounds off the top five longest fruit names at 18 characters in length. This fruit is better known around the world by its more common name of kiwifruit. The fuzzy-skinned fruits were originally cultivated in China before making their way to New Zealand, where they were dubbed Chinese gooseberries before eventually being marketed internationally as kiwifruit.

So while most fruits have short and snappy one-word names like peach, pear, or mango, a few lengthy outliers buck this trend. The Bob Gordon American elderberry takes the crown for the longest fruit name, with other long-named fruits coming in close behind.

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